måndag 31 oktober 2011

Is this the ugliest ship?

Can anybody think this is a cool looking ship? Does anybody fly it for any other reasons than the bonuses it gives in probing and stuff? It´s bulky. It looks like it has a training wing. Like a training wheel for that extra stability that kids and retards have to use. It looks like it´s bent somehow...

I just had to take a picture before I sold it. I can´t believe there is buyers... I´d rather spend time getting my skills up to an edge and fly a cool ship than to be caught dead in that.

fredag 28 oktober 2011

I was lookin´around my surroundings.

So. Fresh out of the academy I found it easy peasy to do some missions for this guy in marketing. Worst piece of toupée I´ve ever seen on a dude. Easy ISKs and a chanse to see the neigborhood. See if it´s worth stayin´.

I gots me a free ship. It looks like the designer had shellfish or shrimps for lunch that day. From the front it looks a little like a meaningless seacreature. A navitas. I won´t go into mining but it was free. And a shipp lookin´like a shrimp is better than a ship lookin´like some kind of super-hightech sextoy like the ship I got from scratch. I mean look at it and say it wouldn´t bring pleasure to some seriously fucked up deviant.

And the Navitas, sure, It´s a kind of a pointless ship. But it suits my purposes for now ya know. And I like the copper shimmer it gets in red sun systems. It´s kinda nice. I would prefer it black but They won´t allow you bringing your own paint into the hangars. Fuckin' jerks...

While I was out there I got a closer look on a fleet hangin´around. Look at the Vexors. They look like blowdryers! Hah! OK, I´ll give 'em that they look like some seriously badass blowdryers, but still...

Yeah, so we gallente got sextoys, shrimp and blowdryers in our fleets. That´s nice isn´t it? Any other resemblances that comes to mind let me know. Mocking is fun. It´s something you can do together.

tisdag 25 oktober 2011

Ships of course

So yeah. The entire population of the galaxy flies something. But why do you fly what you place your podded ass in? I will go through various shipdesigns and ask the questions that should be asked. Let´s start with Minmatarar. Look at this:

Why oh why does anyone want to fly in a frigate that looks like two bugs are tangled up in an interspecies sexgame. It looks like a mosquito is banging a somewhat amputated and chubby spider. I don´t know...I´m all for free sex and all that, and maybe it´s some Minmatar-thing. I don´t get it.
No wonder they give the shit away for almost nothing. 

I have nothing further to add right now. I´m off.

Hey! I just arrived. No aggro yet.

I will get my hands dirty to sort out the stuff that makes, not legends, but what you all want to whisper about behind peoples backs. I don´t talk about gossip. That´s despicable. I talk about superficial shit ya know... About tattoos, lasercolor, roumors, shit. If you want tips on how cool guys wanna fit their battlecruiser... Look elsewhere. I say there are other things in the galaxy than the right turret in the right slot, shooting the right stuff... But what?