fredag 18 november 2011

I´m in a comet. Beware!

Thanx to a very generous donation from a wealthy dogooder who shall not be named, ( a journalist never reveals his sources) and thanks to a very special ladyfriend of mine I have now achieved one of my dreams.

I have sold my tristan and is now flying Faye, my very own federation navy comet. I´m so happy I constantly giggle behind the HUD. I feel AWESOME! Look at me fly!

To use an ancient expression: It is totally radical. I can´t wait to get around in the galaxy in this.

fredag 11 november 2011

The Future?

No. Not the tristan. Me. Reporting for the scope. Right now I´m on bottom level, mission running, lookin' for stories on the side. Tryin' to get a leg in. Someday the faceless crowd will hear my words. Listen to my truths. See what i´ve seen.

torsdag 10 november 2011

A new Moon.

So I was at this Casino, lookin' for something juicy to write about. Whispers, rumours and the such, or talk to some bigshot winner, or the worst looser there. I was minding my own business so to speak.

I heard an argument between some guy in a cheap outfit and a man with too nice hair and an expensive suit, backed up by two goons. It was, of course, about debt.

The ragged man wasn´t doing very well. I could hear the suits voice become more and more calm and reassuring during the conversation. Which, even if you have no experience with people that´s in the business of money, isn´t a good thing. Not a good thing at all...

The cheap bastard was clearly afraid of the two mountains of muscle that accompanied the man with lots of hairproducts. Nice-hair-guy let them retreat to the back and smiled a very nice white reassuring (and complete predatory) smile and laid his arm across the shoulder of the poor guy saying that they would work something out in the back. No need to cause a scene. Don´t worry. It will be all right.

If a man with too nice hair, too nice smile and a really expensive suit in a somewhat crappy casino says to you that everything will be allright: RUN! EVERYTHING IS NOT ALL RIGHT!

I could see the confused mixture of anxiety and hope and fear in the hunched losers eyes. I was several meters away and "not looking in that direction" but I saw it still...

The two of them went through a door...

With nothing more of interest going on, I soon left the premises to go back to the station I am currently bunking in. When I left the casino I saw this:

The cheap outfit and his life and a new job as a warning example of what happens to those that con´t pay their debts as a final payoff on a loan. Fair deal? No. But It happens. And now this casino can pride itself with its own moon. hehe...

I found what I want

I want this one. The federation navy Comet.

So sleek. It looks violent and predatory. And the light in the fin... It looks like the combination of a crow and an anglerfish... If they were spaceships... It is unfortionally way out of my pricerange. (If you want to send money out of purely altruistic reasons I will thank you and you are a very beautiful person for doing it. No pressure.) But someday I will strap in and plug in and fly out in one of those. And I will call it Faye.

fredag 4 november 2011

So I changed the name.

Don´t shoot the messenger is a kinda crappy name. It´s been used before and it is a stupid saying. I realized this a few moments ago. Not wasting any time I found a new name for this blog.

A name that is provoking, uncomfortable and more original. IN THE EYE!!!

Don´t shoot the messenger makes people wanna shoot the fuckin' messenger. And that I shouldn´t be to blame for what is been written is to say that I wasn´t the one who did the lurking, listnening and prying to get you what you want.

IN THE EYE is more like... I´m there. Provoking. A little piece of grain klinging to you irises and making you blink and your tears starts to well up... IN THE EYE is also the portal to the soul. The depth of any story worthy of beeing told.

And there I am.

This is too much!

Haha! So I overheard this conversation just now. I can´t believe how some people can be so naive and uttelry gullible. I hope for this guys sake he would just park his ship and settle down somewhere where he can´t insult someone with his stupidity. I´ll explain.

This guy, I found out his name is Ashkii Takoda, came online asking for the jovians. "I want to join." he said. Join what. The mysterious Jove civilization? Probably. He must be new. But here is the best part. This douche in goggles (Goggles isn´t cool anymore people. sorry. And stop spelling it googles) comes up and sais he´s jovian. Ashkii is now uttely excited. And when he asks why the guy (t8xxic Thiesant - douche name) looks so very very gallentean he gets the response that t8xxic only can interact in this form. At this time Ashkii gets very serious and whispers: "Are they contolling you?" LOL!!! I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE!!! Now t8xxic asks the key question: "What can you bring to us?" Hahaha. Yeah. Using the mindless idiots. Classic! But what t8xxic wasn´t prepared for was the hole in takodas head when he lights up, smiles and proclaims "FUN!" Now I am laughing so hard I almost wet myself and I had to leave. I wonder if the douchy t8xxic joveimpersonator got something useful out of scamming the village idiot.

And once more... Goggles in not cool. Not even gothy inbreeds thinks goggles are cool anymore. I get a rash just now writingt the word cool in the same sentence as the word goggles. I have to go scratch myself.

Movin' on again

So I thought thatarriving to the center of she Scope would be awesome. To my suprise that end of the galaxy is as dead as a floating corpse. Nothing happens! Nothing. Oh, there is one agent for the Scope in their headquarters. Ognye Sancenara. A really really really really daft bastard. He´s got an attitudeproblem. I´m fine with a no-bullshit-attitude towards people you employ... If you can back it up. It felt like he was put there because they didn´t knowwhere else to put him.

And the Scope Channel it oddly silent. I wonder why...

Anyway. I´m off to another system. Atlangeins, for another Scope station to see if that is better. I hope so. I grew up wanting to be a Scope reporter. But if it turns out they´re all wankers I will be forced to look elsewhere. I have an appointment now with agent Ornel Abramotte in the securitydivision. So Shooting pirates isn´t really what I was looking forwards to but at least it´s a side income.

onsdag 2 november 2011

Movin´on out

So I left the university this morning. I thought it was time to spread my wings so to speak. So I sold all the junk I didn´t need. Didn´t care about the profit really. Stuff you just have lying around just because it´s not woth anything is just junk anyway.

I took my little tristan and left for Orvolle. Why? Therein lies the headquarters of The Scope. I thought I would make myself useful there for a while until I learn how to snoop up all the juicy stories.

I guess we will se how the future unfurls itself in front of me. Cuz I´ll be there to see it happen.