fredag 28 oktober 2011

I was lookin´around my surroundings.

So. Fresh out of the academy I found it easy peasy to do some missions for this guy in marketing. Worst piece of toupée I´ve ever seen on a dude. Easy ISKs and a chanse to see the neigborhood. See if it´s worth stayin´.

I gots me a free ship. It looks like the designer had shellfish or shrimps for lunch that day. From the front it looks a little like a meaningless seacreature. A navitas. I won´t go into mining but it was free. And a shipp lookin´like a shrimp is better than a ship lookin´like some kind of super-hightech sextoy like the ship I got from scratch. I mean look at it and say it wouldn´t bring pleasure to some seriously fucked up deviant.

And the Navitas, sure, It´s a kind of a pointless ship. But it suits my purposes for now ya know. And I like the copper shimmer it gets in red sun systems. It´s kinda nice. I would prefer it black but They won´t allow you bringing your own paint into the hangars. Fuckin' jerks...

While I was out there I got a closer look on a fleet hangin´around. Look at the Vexors. They look like blowdryers! Hah! OK, I´ll give 'em that they look like some seriously badass blowdryers, but still...

Yeah, so we gallente got sextoys, shrimp and blowdryers in our fleets. That´s nice isn´t it? Any other resemblances that comes to mind let me know. Mocking is fun. It´s something you can do together.

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