fredag 4 november 2011

Movin' on again

So I thought thatarriving to the center of she Scope would be awesome. To my suprise that end of the galaxy is as dead as a floating corpse. Nothing happens! Nothing. Oh, there is one agent for the Scope in their headquarters. Ognye Sancenara. A really really really really daft bastard. He´s got an attitudeproblem. I´m fine with a no-bullshit-attitude towards people you employ... If you can back it up. It felt like he was put there because they didn´t knowwhere else to put him.

And the Scope Channel it oddly silent. I wonder why...

Anyway. I´m off to another system. Atlangeins, for another Scope station to see if that is better. I hope so. I grew up wanting to be a Scope reporter. But if it turns out they´re all wankers I will be forced to look elsewhere. I have an appointment now with agent Ornel Abramotte in the securitydivision. So Shooting pirates isn´t really what I was looking forwards to but at least it´s a side income.

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