fredag 4 november 2011

So I changed the name.

Don´t shoot the messenger is a kinda crappy name. It´s been used before and it is a stupid saying. I realized this a few moments ago. Not wasting any time I found a new name for this blog.

A name that is provoking, uncomfortable and more original. IN THE EYE!!!

Don´t shoot the messenger makes people wanna shoot the fuckin' messenger. And that I shouldn´t be to blame for what is been written is to say that I wasn´t the one who did the lurking, listnening and prying to get you what you want.

IN THE EYE is more like... I´m there. Provoking. A little piece of grain klinging to you irises and making you blink and your tears starts to well up... IN THE EYE is also the portal to the soul. The depth of any story worthy of beeing told.

And there I am.

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