fredag 4 november 2011

This is too much!

Haha! So I overheard this conversation just now. I can´t believe how some people can be so naive and uttelry gullible. I hope for this guys sake he would just park his ship and settle down somewhere where he can´t insult someone with his stupidity. I´ll explain.

This guy, I found out his name is Ashkii Takoda, came online asking for the jovians. "I want to join." he said. Join what. The mysterious Jove civilization? Probably. He must be new. But here is the best part. This douche in goggles (Goggles isn´t cool anymore people. sorry. And stop spelling it googles) comes up and sais he´s jovian. Ashkii is now uttely excited. And when he asks why the guy (t8xxic Thiesant - douche name) looks so very very gallentean he gets the response that t8xxic only can interact in this form. At this time Ashkii gets very serious and whispers: "Are they contolling you?" LOL!!! I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE!!! Now t8xxic asks the key question: "What can you bring to us?" Hahaha. Yeah. Using the mindless idiots. Classic! But what t8xxic wasn´t prepared for was the hole in takodas head when he lights up, smiles and proclaims "FUN!" Now I am laughing so hard I almost wet myself and I had to leave. I wonder if the douchy t8xxic joveimpersonator got something useful out of scamming the village idiot.

And once more... Goggles in not cool. Not even gothy inbreeds thinks goggles are cool anymore. I get a rash just now writingt the word cool in the same sentence as the word goggles. I have to go scratch myself.

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